Saturday, February 28, 2009

SMART Boards: Educational Blog

From chalk boards to marker boards, technology has done it again by changing over head projectors to an all in one SMART Board. SMART Boards allow not only the teacher to provide information to the students, with a variety of learning styles, but it also allows the students to use the technology to learn and grow as well. Because of this the SMART Board has allowed for many advantages and advancements in the world of education as we view it today.

For example the SMART Board is a whiteboard with tons of extra features, such as sound, visual effects, and the power at your finger tips to show any type of image, PowerPoint, website, or any other type of media. This allows for example to show the words to a chapter book with a PowerPoint for visual learners and have sound project from the screen for audio learners. Also you could work in a quiz or small test at the end of the power point to access what the students have learned, and what else is needed to be done to improve the teaching technique.

But not only could you incorporate the SMART Board in with the younger age group, but also for the older student, such as the middle, high or college age level. You can do this by showing a group of students a website and have them critique the websites reliability, currency, or accuracy to show that not all website are the same and you have to be careful when selecting information to backup an option or position.

Also, the SMART Board can be used just like a whiteboard, by setting up the drawing function on the whiteboard and having the students or teacher draw and introduce notes and facts to the class. This is also better than the original white board because, you can save the work that was put up on the SMART Board for later use, and you can wipe it clean with a click of a button and it goes back to a clean slate without having to take the time and clean it by hand.

These are just I few ways that I have seen technology be used in the classroom effectively and helped the students learn in a better up to date society. With the implementation of the SMART Board students can share and receive information in a fast efficient way.

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