Monday, February 16, 2009

One click away

With all of the information out there today, it is so convenient to be able to go to the nearest computer and have access to a world full of information that is just a click away. I have found the internet to be very useful when it comes to college, and getting assignments done in an effective way, that takes more time.

In my EDEL 302 class, the class is starting to work on interactive bulletin boards for certain subjects of academics given to them. My group has to do a bulletin board over the content area of mathematics. We have come up with a couple of cute ideas that would work for the content area given, which dealt with the issues of time and money.

But with any idea dealing with education you have to make sure that it applies to the Kentucky Standards, which is were the internet can play a big part in how you would go about planning how you would construct the bulletin board of your choosing. To help the teacher or student preparing to become a teacher match up the idea with the information needed to match the Kentucky standards. The website on the internet that is very useful when planning not only a bulletin board, but anything pertaining to education is This website is full of useful information pertaining to education such as teaching tools, the core content needed to be included within lesson plans, testing scores, along with so much more useful information.

With the website provided above you can easily go to the core content section of the website, and look up what the Kentucky standards and core content you must cover given a certain grade, and content level. With this the group of mine were able to search and find what the core content was for math for the primary grades, and find the ones that pertained to time and money. Without the wonderful world of technology at are finger tips there would be a lot of wasted paper, because the information would have to be printed out in magnitudes of great numbers, instead of being stored in one neat location that can be found at any given time quite and efficiently.

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