Saturday, February 28, 2009

SMART Boards: Educational Blog

From chalk boards to marker boards, technology has done it again by changing over head projectors to an all in one SMART Board. SMART Boards allow not only the teacher to provide information to the students, with a variety of learning styles, but it also allows the students to use the technology to learn and grow as well. Because of this the SMART Board has allowed for many advantages and advancements in the world of education as we view it today.

For example the SMART Board is a whiteboard with tons of extra features, such as sound, visual effects, and the power at your finger tips to show any type of image, PowerPoint, website, or any other type of media. This allows for example to show the words to a chapter book with a PowerPoint for visual learners and have sound project from the screen for audio learners. Also you could work in a quiz or small test at the end of the power point to access what the students have learned, and what else is needed to be done to improve the teaching technique.

But not only could you incorporate the SMART Board in with the younger age group, but also for the older student, such as the middle, high or college age level. You can do this by showing a group of students a website and have them critique the websites reliability, currency, or accuracy to show that not all website are the same and you have to be careful when selecting information to backup an option or position.

Also, the SMART Board can be used just like a whiteboard, by setting up the drawing function on the whiteboard and having the students or teacher draw and introduce notes and facts to the class. This is also better than the original white board because, you can save the work that was put up on the SMART Board for later use, and you can wipe it clean with a click of a button and it goes back to a clean slate without having to take the time and clean it by hand.

These are just I few ways that I have seen technology be used in the classroom effectively and helped the students learn in a better up to date society. With the implementation of the SMART Board students can share and receive information in a fast efficient way.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Educational Programs

In today’s society education is developing more and more as more software and advancements in teaching are arising. Today there is tons of free educational software that you can download and apply in the classroom setting for students as well as the faulty to use to their advantage. These programs are available for you and me to use free of charge thanks to the creators of such programs that believe that teachers as well as learners need to have tools at their grasp that are free and can help them perform task more efficiently with the ability to use to incorporate technology in their learning.

To illustrate just how useful these free educational programs can be, I will tell of a story of just this past week when I downloaded Tux Paint. Tux Paint is educational software that can be use with many lessons. It has the ability to create wonderful artwork and really let the student become creative in their ideas. The learner can use the Tux Paint application to perform math, science, reading, social studies and many more assignments with the use of this software. I recently used the Tux Paint application to model the idea way to set up computers in the classroom setting. Not only did Tux Paint allow me to model what I wanted the idea setting to look like, but it also allowed me to label the different things in my drawing with the text tool bar.

The Tux paint application is available to download on the internet, all you need to do is type in Tux paint in Google or your favorite search engine and it will come up and will show you the icon you need to click on to download the program, along with other programs that available to you free of charge. It is all because people realize that teachers need a break, they have to buy so much already for their students, why not get something free for a change that will help the students become more aware of the technology that surrounds them in a fun interactive environment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

One click away

With all of the information out there today, it is so convenient to be able to go to the nearest computer and have access to a world full of information that is just a click away. I have found the internet to be very useful when it comes to college, and getting assignments done in an effective way, that takes more time.

In my EDEL 302 class, the class is starting to work on interactive bulletin boards for certain subjects of academics given to them. My group has to do a bulletin board over the content area of mathematics. We have come up with a couple of cute ideas that would work for the content area given, which dealt with the issues of time and money.

But with any idea dealing with education you have to make sure that it applies to the Kentucky Standards, which is were the internet can play a big part in how you would go about planning how you would construct the bulletin board of your choosing. To help the teacher or student preparing to become a teacher match up the idea with the information needed to match the Kentucky standards. The website on the internet that is very useful when planning not only a bulletin board, but anything pertaining to education is This website is full of useful information pertaining to education such as teaching tools, the core content needed to be included within lesson plans, testing scores, along with so much more useful information.

With the website provided above you can easily go to the core content section of the website, and look up what the Kentucky standards and core content you must cover given a certain grade, and content level. With this the group of mine were able to search and find what the core content was for math for the primary grades, and find the ones that pertained to time and money. Without the wonderful world of technology at are finger tips there would be a lot of wasted paper, because the information would have to be printed out in magnitudes of great numbers, instead of being stored in one neat location that can be found at any given time quite and efficiently.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ever Changing Technology

In the world of today, technology is advancing continuously, and if you are ill equipment with the resources or the knowledge to use those resources you can become over whelmed, and feel left in the dark.

In my experiences with technology, I have been lucky. I have gained knowledge over my life on how to use technology, and have acquired the skills necessary to have knowledge of the world around me. However, there is still millions of information that I have yet to gather, and the knowledge that I do know is continuously changing with the advances in technology.

For example in my Math 232 class, we’re learning about statistics. Just recently I had to complete a statistics project were data was collect on the Kentucky Performance Result of Cats Testing in the areas of reading and math. In this project we had to construct different types of representations of the data, for example, a box and whisker plot, stem and leaf plot, histogram, along with many other representations. But, we also had to include a double bar graph and a circle graph of data that we were to collect on the internet and construction in Excel. This was a new thing for me to learn, I was used to construction this types of graphs by hand with pencil and paper. But as technology advances, and makes life easier the way of doing tasks changes as well. After using the Excel program to construct my data, I realized that this was a lot easier, and efficient way to show a clean cut representation of the data. Not only did I expand my knowledge of technology, but I found an easier, faster way to complete a task.

All in all technology is proving itself to be a useful piece of equipment to use that is better than the old fashioned way of completing activities. From the sewing machine that make sewing by hand a thing of the pass, to research on the human body, technology has served society in many different ways.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lights Out

When looking at the world that surrounds me, and seeing how fully society depends on technology not only to communicate with each other, but to live their every day lives in light, and warmth. The winter storm that happened last week has opened my eyes, and has made me see that people take for granted the sample privileges that they use on a day to day basis. This is all mainly because of the power outages that resulted from the effects of the winter storm that included a mixture of snow, ice, and sleet. Due to this snow storm it left a vast majorly of people without electric. Without electric most people lose the use of light, heat, the ability to have a warm meal, and all food that needs to be keep refrigerated. Because of these facts the many of people that lost their electric and are still without that precious commodity, understand the importance of having technology and how it makes everyone’s life run smoother.

This proves that if everyone in the entire world was striped away from their privilege to have electricity, the society in this given time would simply not understand what to do. This is because so many things run off of electricity. Without electricity you wouldn’t be about to run a computer which means that communication with people around the world would be nearly impossible and defiantly harder then a click of a button. Technology in one sense has made the world lose the face to face part of communication, but look at everything that technology has given us, the ability to travel around the world while seating comfortably at home. If people were striped away from this privilege many conflicts’ would arise. Therefore, this experience has made me appreciate, and value the technology that society has at its disposal, and the advancement that are made in technology are only proving to make society stronger, united, and making for a better, easier way of living.