Monday, February 2, 2009

Lights Out

When looking at the world that surrounds me, and seeing how fully society depends on technology not only to communicate with each other, but to live their every day lives in light, and warmth. The winter storm that happened last week has opened my eyes, and has made me see that people take for granted the sample privileges that they use on a day to day basis. This is all mainly because of the power outages that resulted from the effects of the winter storm that included a mixture of snow, ice, and sleet. Due to this snow storm it left a vast majorly of people without electric. Without electric most people lose the use of light, heat, the ability to have a warm meal, and all food that needs to be keep refrigerated. Because of these facts the many of people that lost their electric and are still without that precious commodity, understand the importance of having technology and how it makes everyone’s life run smoother.

This proves that if everyone in the entire world was striped away from their privilege to have electricity, the society in this given time would simply not understand what to do. This is because so many things run off of electricity. Without electricity you wouldn’t be about to run a computer which means that communication with people around the world would be nearly impossible and defiantly harder then a click of a button. Technology in one sense has made the world lose the face to face part of communication, but look at everything that technology has given us, the ability to travel around the world while seating comfortably at home. If people were striped away from this privilege many conflicts’ would arise. Therefore, this experience has made me appreciate, and value the technology that society has at its disposal, and the advancement that are made in technology are only proving to make society stronger, united, and making for a better, easier way of living.

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