Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creating a Web Quest

This past week in my EDEL 302 class we learned how to make a web quest using Microsoft Office Power Point. The web quest is a useful tool that can be used in the classroom for the students to use technology hands on and perform an activity that could take 30 minutes to 2 weeks. A web quest can be designed for any age level or content area. There are seven things that you need when you make your own web quest. Those seven things include: Introduction, Task, Process, Resources, Teachers Guide, Evaluation, and Conclusion. There can be more added to your web quest depending upon what you would like to achieve. But those seven listed above are vital to have in order to have a good and correct web quest.

An Introduction is the first thing that should be shown on your web quest, and is for the students and not for other teachers or higher administration to read. The introduction is the first thing that the student will read, and it should capture the student and make him/her want to go further into the web quest. It should be interesting, and should be appropriate for the audience.

The Task is where you will state what the goal of the student will be, and what they will need to accomplish. This will also have someone stated what the final product will look like at the end of the web quest.

The Process is how they are to complete the task that they were given. In the process section you can include all of the sources that they will need to use to get to the final product. If you would prefer to put these links separately you can place them on the Resource page of your web quest.

The Teacher’s Guide is made for other teachers or higher administration to tell the teacher what they would need in order to complete the web quest. This would also include the national standard, grade level, and how long it the web quest will take to complete.

Then you have the evaluation page, which tells the students how they will get graded on the web quest.

Finally you would have the Conclusion page which is made also for the student, and should tie in with your introduction page, and should make the student feel a sense of accomplishment.

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