Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interactive Bulletin Board: Make learning fun!

This week, I have found many ways to incorporate bulletin boards in with the classroom lesson plan that are not only interactive, but allow the students to use them as another learning technique for the students to learn certain material. Given any subject such as mathematics, reading, english, science, social studies, etc. a bulletin board can be made for the students to use to incorporate with a lesson plan. For example take mathematics for example, if you were teaching the concept of money or place value, you could make a bulletin board that shown different types of coins and have them move the coins to show different money values and different place values with dollars and cents.

However, you don’t just have to constrict the use of an interactive bulletin board to the younger ages but you can use interactive bulletin boards just as effectively in middle and high school age students as well. For example an interactive bulletin board can be made in social studies during Women’s history month on important and influential women in history that the students would be able to match certain characteristics up with the woman in history. Or given the subject of science you could show the phrases of mitosis, as a summative assessment for the students, as a review before a test.

You can also use interactive bulletin boards for the younger student by incorporating english/reading with the alphabet. You could do this by having the student match up the upper case letters with the lower case letters and vise versa.

Of course the making of an interactive bulletin board wouldn’t be possible without the use of technology. With the use of the computer to find and expand ideas, print out pictures and information, to the use of plain paper, technology takes regular bulletin boards and helps to make them interactive. With technology not only are the bulletin boards interactive, but they also become more attractive, accurate, and appealing to the students learning the material being taught by the teacher.

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