Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saving trees one piece of paper at a time

Using technology in the classroom with students can cut the cost of the use of paper, as well as teaching the students that technology can be a fun, fast, and easy way to complete a project. When using technology in the classroom, such as a computer and email access programs you can lower the damage done to the environment already. By cutting down on the use of paper in the classroom, and getting your fellow colleague to do the same.

So how can you cut down on the use of paper? Well it’s easy you can teach your lesson, and up load worksheets and activities for the student to complete on the web. You can have them go onto a website, and have the website calculate their grade and overall assessment, that will be at the teacher’s access later on. Or you can have the student email the document to you, and you can grade the document, by using Microsoft word and send the document back to the student to let the student see what he/she did or didn’t do correctly. Also by using the Microsoft word application you can actually remove and add words and comments to the paper, and show the student exactly what they should have done, if anything was done incorrect.

Also, by using technology instead of paper, really helps to cut down on the use of paper when having to write portfolio pieces. When writing portfolio pieces on paper over and over, you tend to use an abundance of paper. But if you have them do it from the beginning on a computer, tons of paper is saved during the process.

You may say that by using technology, takes away from creativity, but it adds more to the class. You have tons of different programs that can be used to help the mind grow. Also by using technology you have applications that read back what the student has written, and you can increase the font size of text, to allow the student to read and connect better.

So you see, technology can actually help the environment, and help the students grow at the same time. Technology doesn’t always have to be used to harm the environment, there are so many things that technology has supplied to the world that has allowed us as a people to better the environment, its just a matter of putting those applications into place.

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