Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The pro's and con's of Technology in a Classroom Setting

As I took part in the first class of the new spring semester in EDEL 302 I learned many ways technology can be used in the classroom and the effects of those uses in the classroom. To my findings the pro's out way the con's. There are many wonderful uses for technology in the classroom that is seen to be beneficial to the students as well as the teachers. For example technology allows students to learn in a structured way that can still be fun and creative for the student. Examples of ways that students can learn in a fun structured environment is using software that allows the student to learn, and have fun doing so. When the classroom environment can incorporate fun settings the students are more likely to be involved and participation freely within the class lesson. Also, a way that technology is useful in the classroom is that it allows for the teacher to implement the lesson to each students way of learning such as visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners. The computer is a great resource for this because it allows the teacher to set up programs in such a way for students who need to hear instructions, and learn through audio. The computer also allows for tons of visual aids that allow the students to get their minds thinking. 
However their are cons to having technology in the classroom, as there are good and bad sides to everything. This would include working a lengthy time on a project only to have it lost, deleted, and with younger children it is hard to get them to remember to save their work, allowing their work to be deleted. Also, computers are very expensive and it is hard for every one to have access to the computer. However contradicting to that fact, there are grants and programs available for schools that do not have the money or the resources for the technology needed to provide a better learning environment for the students.
All, and all today in my first class for integrating technology in the classroom I learned more than just the pro's and con's to technology. I learned that not only do you need to know now to use technology but to teach the students and allow them to use it as well as the technology in the classroom is mainly for the students to learn. 


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