Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Educational Programs

In today’s society education is developing more and more as more software and advancements in teaching are arising. Today there is tons of free educational software that you can download and apply in the classroom setting for students as well as the faulty to use to their advantage. These programs are available for you and me to use free of charge thanks to the creators of such programs that believe that teachers as well as learners need to have tools at their grasp that are free and can help them perform task more efficiently with the ability to use to incorporate technology in their learning.

To illustrate just how useful these free educational programs can be, I will tell of a story of just this past week when I downloaded Tux Paint. Tux Paint is educational software that can be use with many lessons. It has the ability to create wonderful artwork and really let the student become creative in their ideas. The learner can use the Tux Paint application to perform math, science, reading, social studies and many more assignments with the use of this software. I recently used the Tux Paint application to model the idea way to set up computers in the classroom setting. Not only did Tux Paint allow me to model what I wanted the idea setting to look like, but it also allowed me to label the different things in my drawing with the text tool bar.

The Tux paint application is available to download on the internet, all you need to do is type in Tux paint in Google or your favorite search engine and it will come up and will show you the icon you need to click on to download the program, along with other programs that available to you free of charge. It is all because people realize that teachers need a break, they have to buy so much already for their students, why not get something free for a change that will help the students become more aware of the technology that surrounds them in a fun interactive environment.


  1. No doubt technology has definitely changed today’s education society. I believe in online educational programs, it can boost your career. I must appreciate your way to promote Tux paint application.


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